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UK Gear’s training shoes were originally designed in association with the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC). These elite fitness professionals were closely involved in the development and tested our products in some of the most inhospitable conditions on Earth. Only when approved by the Military do we consider our products... Built to survive.

Soldier Magazine Top Gear Review, January 2012

>>20 January 2012

Soldier Magazine - Jan12

Top of the league

Freerunner finds form in Service-tested trainers designed to survive 1,000 miles

Review: LCpl Aaron Palmer, RLC (V)

RIGHT out of the box, UK Gear’s PT-1000 trainers look the part. Normally when I acquire a pair of running shoes I ignore their aesthetic because, to be quite frank, there aren’t many pairs that are going to boost your street cred.

However, I have to say that this footwear does look awesome.

The styling is decent and there are respectable safety features built in, such as the reflective allround detailing. This is barely noticeable on first inspection of the shoes but once you are out in the dark nobody is likely to miss you.

Initially when running on solid surfaces, I found the sole of UK Gear’s creation rather firm. But on grass, soil and gravel this allowed for less of an impact when landing on uneven ground.

Even with the harder sole, the shoes performed extremely well on the first few runs – both over two- and eight-mile trips and on and off road.

At the end of each exercise, my feet were cool with no blisters or rubbing and my legs felt better for not having to carry a heavy pair of trainers. As a freerunner, I initially found the grip of these shoes to be somewhat slippery on both concrete and walls.

But after a short period of warming up, the contact soon softened up and the footwear started to perform very impressively.

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From a freerunning and parkour perspective, the shoes are great because they are extremely lightweight and hug the feet. This is useful forprecise movements and landings, which can often be problematic in other trainers. Flips and other aerial moves can be performed with easeand jumps are helped by the reduced weight on the feet.

Impact on the ground was initially a worry for me when testing these shoes due to the firm sole, but the cushioning inside does a tremendous jobof protecting the feet and legs on what can be quite heavy landings.

As with most UK Gear products, the wear resistance is good with strategically-placed hard rubber and strong canvas to protect againstknocks and scrapes. This prolongs the shoe’s life in general.As an aspiring physical training instructor, I now plan to use these for both fitness work and freerunning activities.

shock absorbing heel Shock absorbers: After a quick warm-up, the trainers softened to perform extremely well under high pressure

The latter is slightly harsher on footwear than everyday running because of the jumps, landings and climbing but so far this footwear has provenits worth when it comes to durability.

Weeks later, after a good few miles in the PT-1000s, I’ve found that the soles have worn in a bit and have softened up enough to make running onhard surfaces more pleasant.

The upper fabric is brilliant at keeping the foot cool even during the most arduous routes. I have discovered that if I stop for a short period my feet start to warm up but as soon as I start moving again, it feels as if there is a cool breeze blowing over them – something really appreciated on those long runs.

Training to become a PTI within the TA, I think these trainers are going to help with the tough work I have ahead of me.

I’m looking forward to completing my course and seeing how they perform in that setting. They were designed with the input of the Army Physical Training Corps so they should be perfectly suited to the task.

All in all, a brilliant pair of shoes for both fitness training and freerunning. I can’t wait to get some more miles done in them.


A run through the formidable features of UK Gear’s PT-1000 footwear...

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Research masters

THE PT-1000s have earned the right to bear the British Army’s famous cross swords insignia after being rigorously tested by the fitness specialists at the Royal Army Physical Training Corps. They were trialled by 40 instructors, who between them ran for thousands of miles in prototypes. After eight years of development – combined with durability testing at the worldleading Satra laboratories – the footwear was deemed ready for public consumption.

David Hinde of UK Gear, said it was the result of a strategy to build “the world’s most durable and sustainable running shoe”.

Mark out of five: stars5outof5

Soldier magazine review 2
Good science

WITH a design brief to build a shoe that makes no compromise on biomechanical performance or comfort, the footwear features UK Gear’s classified “force dynamic system” using the company’s own compounds and materials. It includes a Dureva midsole – a material with a unique molecular structure that is only found in UK Gear footwear which provides sustained cushioning and support. An antimicrobial treatment also works to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus and other odourcausing organisms, increasing the shoe’s hygiene and lifespan.

Mark out of five: stars4outof5

Soldier magazine review 3
All-terrain tolerance

A SHOE that is built to last but does not look after its wearer’s comfort is useless. UK Gear has recognised that with this design, which is anatomically shaped around the heel and ankle to improve fit and to help prevent Achilles tendonitis. A removable ethylene vinyl acetate sock liner reinforces the trainer, while the top front area features a breathable material called hawk air mesh. This provides first-class upper support and temperature control. Inside the PT-1000s, impact pads claim to give “sustained cushioning”. And they do, keeping the body painfree on impact with the ground.

Mark out of five: stars5outof5

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Handsome head-turners

DESPITE being built like a tank, these trainers do not let themselves down in the looks department. “On unwrapping the PT-1000s I was genuinely surprised at how good they looked,” said LCpl Palmer. “Aesthetics don’t usually bother me but I won’t complain when my footwear looks decent.” As well as turning heads with their red and black pattern, the shoe’s 360-degree reflectivity enhances visibility when used in the dark. This increases safety when running at night. The back heel is higher than most trail shoes, and does look different in comparison, but this is to prevent ankle twists.

Mark out of five: stars4outof5

Soldier magazine review 5
Champion performance

THIS is the first footwear specifically designed to stand up to 1,000 miles of running. However, the shoes have not been built heavy and bulky to achieve that aim. Although initially stiff, they mould to the feet quickly after a few runs and are very lightweight. They are quick to dry after a day out on the trails in deep puddles and also perform well on rugged terrain – including grass, Tarmac and the dust of Afghanistan. “For freerunners these shoes are comfortable, durable and reliable,” said LCpl Palmer. “I was impressed and think they will definitely last a long time.”

Mark out of five: stars5outof5

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Win... a pair of PT-1000 trainers

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Parkour (Free Runner) wearing UK Gear PT-1000 shoes
Running free: Physical training instructor hopeful LCpl Aaron Palmer is looking forward to covering more miles in the lightweight and cooling PT-1000 trainers

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