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Congratulations to Charlie Sharpe and Sonia Furtado - Winners of AAUT 2014

>>23 February 2015

Charlie and Sonia completed the 230km race in an amazing 20:32:28 and 20:42:47. 

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Overall Men’s Champion: 
Charlie Sharpe (20:32:28)
2nd Male: Franck Bugianesi  (25:06:37)
3rd Male: Brendan Lee  (25:48:20)
Overall Women’s Champion: 
Sonia Furtado (20:42:47)
2nd Female: Sarah Whittington  (27:42:22)
3rd Female: Wendy Fitzmaurice  (32:48:57)


Charlie and Sonia_AAUT_2014Charlie (20:32:28) and Sonia (20:42:47) Wow!


Charlie and Sonia_Trophy_AAUT_2014Trophy Presentation - AAUT 2014

Paul and Charlie_AAUT_2014Paul and Charlie - AAUT 2014

Paul and Sonia_AAUT_2014Paul and Sonia - AAUT 2014



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