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UK Gear’s training shoes were originally designed in association with the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC). These elite fitness professionals were closely involved in the development and tested our products in some of the most inhospitable conditions on Earth. Only when approved by the Military do we consider our products... Built to survive.

Function first from UK Gear - Athletics Weekly

>>17 September 2006

For a company which says it designs its products for the function, not for the fad, UK Gear has produced quite an aesthetically pleasing running shoe.
The PT-03 NC is a neutral shoe which has been designed on the back of the success of the PT-03 SC, its structured cushioning sister, and developed in association with Army Physical Training Coprs (APTC), bearing the British Army's crossed swords insignia.

Incorporating all the standard technology that is expected from today's running shoe, including impact pads on the heel to minimise ladning impact, reactor pads transferring enegery through the toe off movement, lightweight materials and mid-foot support, it also adds some extras that set the shoe apart from others on the market.

The shoes have reflectivity bars to enhance saftey when road running, especially at night or in low light. For those who suffer from Achilles tendonitis, UK Gear has incorporated a specailly designed U-heel to help prevent what is usually a recurring and frustrtaing injury.

The savvy designers recognised a good pair of running shoes will be used a lot, which sometimes means the hygiene of a favourite trainers leaves something to be desired. To combat the smell factor the trainers have been given an anti-microbial treatment designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus and other pong-causing microbes making them smell fresher for longer.