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UK Gear’s training shoes were originally designed in association with the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC). These elite fitness professionals were closely involved in the development and tested our products in some of the most inhospitable conditions on Earth. Only when approved by the Military do we consider our products... Built to survive.

UK Gear is proud to support Ken Inui! [updated 19-03-2015]

>>19 March 2015

[updated 19-03-2015] 


"As I was named Ken (健 in Japanese, means "Health"),
A mission of my life is to lead healthy and happy life, to find out principles to stay in that way, 
and then share my idea with people who wants to do that as well."
[Ken’s Endurance Run & Bike 2900 km challenge in 2015]

1. 30th Marathon Des Sables (MDS)
MDS is one of the toughest foot race  on Earth. This abnormal marathon have 6 stages in 7 days at Sahara. Total distance is ca. 250 km and all the participants have to carry a backpack with compass, food for 7 days, sleeping bag, running gear/equipment,  aid kit and some other mandatory items to survive in the desert. The weight of the backpack must be between 6.5 kg and 15 kg. It will be rather survival race/high Adventure than a marathon. 
I’m really appreciate to UK Gear Ltd for sponsoring me. 

2. Bike-ride endurance challenge across Japan 
    ca.2500 km (from North to South) in 27 days

3. The North Face TDS (Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie) 2015
119km/Total positive elevation 7250m+


Råbjerg Mile Northern Denmark





























UK Gear is proud to support Ken Inui in his training for Marathon Des Sables.
Ken is a postdoctoral fellow at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Aarhus University.
In 2014 Ken has participated in over a dozen ultra-distance races.
He'll be training for MDS in our PT-03 Deserts with Raidlight gaiters.
Stay tuned for to get the lastest tips and reviews from Ken!

Ken Inui PT-03 Deserts  




Ken and Friends




Ken Inui - 2014

Famila Kiel-Marathon, 10 km, 00:43:32
Kieler Hochbrückenlauf, 28.5 km, 02:27:09 
Nykredit COPENHAGEN MARATHON, 42.195 km, 03:46:38
Nykredit Aarhus City Halvmarathon, 21.0975 km, 01:29:00
Aabenraa Bjerg Marathon, 42.195 km (with 10 kg backpack), 04:58:21
Lapland Ultra, 100 km (walking/jogging), 19:02:59
Mountainman Ultra, 80 km/5000m+, 14:59:18
Clif Bar 10 Peaks Brecon Beacons, 89 km/4800m+, 23:08:40
2nd Hakusan Shirakawa-go Ultramarathon, 100 km(Road), 13:48:30
Skagen Marathon, 42.195 km, 05:23:57 (As a supporter for my friend)
Ultra-Trail GRAN VUELTA VALLE DEL GENAL (UTGVVG), 125 km/6800m+, 26;15:28
Gamlárshlaup ÍR, 10 km, 00:39:16


...I ran 65km with the PT-03 Desert in these three days (ca.21km each day) on a trail (forest and beach).
And I got amazed by which the shoe really encourage me to run comfortably.
Now I'm so excited to run Marathon Des Sables with this shoe...

...I really love the shoe because it definitely fits and protect my foot.
During this weekend, I ran 93 km in total (46.5km each). And I wore SALOMON SPEEDCROSS 3 on Saturday because the weather was not so good. Then My ankle got hurt after running.
On the other hand, after running the same distance with PT-03 DESERT yesterday, I didn't feel pain at all. Also I could run faster.
At this moment, I ran 137 km with PT-03 DESERT...

...In the end, I bought two set of gaiters from RaidLight and Outdoor Research.
Then I found that Raidlight Mini Gaiters Ultra perfectly fits the PT-03 DESERT except its color (Dark grey; not suitable for the hottest desert).
On the other hand, Outdoor Research Endurance Gamacher doesn't seem to be suitable for the shoe or my ankle, neither for the desert race (Marathon Des Sables).
RaidLight company also produces another gaiter especially designed for desert race (white color; most acceptable for the Marathon Des Sables).
I will figure out which gaiter is the best combination with the PT-03 DESERT because that will be quite important to succeed in the desert race.
PS. I ran 351 km with the PT-03 DESERT by this moment and my feet didn't get exhausted.
I feel the shoe is more than excellent!...

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