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PT-1000 - Incredibly happy! Michelle Cutler

>>07 March 2011

Hi UK Gear,

Michelle_Cutler.jpgI'm not a professional runner, but I do enjoy running distances. One would think that any old shoe would do if you're not trying to win a race. However, over time, running in shoes that are either too narrow at the ball of the foot, or too slanted/angled up the heel, creates permanent discomfort. Unfortunately, I simply got used to feeling these uncomfortable tweaks while running. I blamed my own anatomy for the pain and just assumed I wasn't built to enjoy running.

Paul Bateson from Axar Sport got me the PT-1000's to try out. From the moment I put them on, I didn't want to take them off! They actually make me WANT to run. Any sharp pains I had felt in my right bunion or bone rubbing in my heel disappeared. The width of the shoe across the toes is perfect. It's like running in a cloud. And the straighter back heel allows for a more ergonomic stride.

In a nutshell, I'm incredibly happy with my PT-1000's and have now run two races in them - the Almarilla and Albolote, part of the Grenada series. I will attempt Loja 11km in a few weeks time. The last thing I worry about is my feet. So I would say that these shoes are excellent for people just starting out as well as the seasoned runner. If I had begun running in these shoes, I would have skipped the discomfort and doubt I had from my other running shoes.

Michelle Cutler,
L.A, California.