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UK Gear’s training shoes were originally designed in association with the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC). These elite fitness professionals were closely involved in the development and tested our products in some of the most inhospitable conditions on Earth. Only when approved by the Military do we consider our products... Built to survive.

PT-03 DESERT - A great piece of Kit! Edward Chapman

>>24 October 2011

Hi UK Gear,

Edward_Chapman.jpgI wanted to let you know straight away about how pleased I am with my UK Gear PT-03 Desert shoes. As you know I have recently completed the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon, a 7 day self-sufficiency stage race in the South African Kalahari desert. The conditions were very tough as we covered a complete range of terrain from deep, soft sand to steep rocky scrambles all in temperatures that, at times, reached over 40 degrees Celsius.

The uppers kept the sand out even when we went through very fine sand with the texture of cement powder. They also offered excellent protection against the rough stones and thorny scrub. I was concerned that they might make my feet too hot, but this was not the case.

The sole was also excellent; with good grip and the bruise plate gave good protection against the rocks and thorn penetration. I have suffered on previous occasions from bruising caused by the rocky terrain and twice had thorns penetrate the soles of my other shoes.

This was my 6th desert race and the first one where I was completely happy with my shoe choice. The PT-03 Desert shoe is a great piece of kit, perfectly suited to desert environments.

ed_chapman_1.jpg ed_chapman_2.jpg

This is a photo of me at the finish, enjoying a beer and being filmed for a programme that will be going out on South African Super Sport TV.

Thanks UK Gear!

Warmest regards,

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