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UK Gear’s training shoes were originally designed in association with the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC). These elite fitness professionals were closely involved in the development and tested our products in some of the most inhospitable conditions on Earth. Only when approved by the Military do we consider our products... Built to survive.

Athletics Weekly - PT-1000, Ready to take on the world

>>04 November 2010


Hybrid for road and mud

Warwickshire firm UK Gear has created the PT-1000 running shoe which was launched earlier this summer and their claims are that it’s the world’s first running shoe built to last an incredible 1,000 miles, which is around twice the recommended usage of most other brands. It is a dual-purpose shoe which is designed for both road and trail running and took over eight years to develop and makes no compromise on biomechanical performance or comfort.

The shoe features UK Gear's own Force Dynamic System (FDS) which is a technology built on a foundation of proprietary compounds and materials and underwent extensive wear test programming with the British Army. The PT-1000 has been awarded the right to bear the British Army’s famous crossed swords insignia.

The hybrid shoe is designed for both road and off-road running and although it may not be as good as a conventional road or trail shoe it falls nicely between the two offering the athlete the luxury of a dual-purpose shoe in one model. This will satisfy many athletes who do the majority of their training on a variety of surfaces or for those that do their sessions on a route that includes a mixture of soft and firm surfaces. As the winter progresses and the ground becomes more sodden this shoe will be an asset for some faster as well as steadier paced sessions.
PT-1000_Review.jpgReady to take on the world: UK Gear's PT-1000

Our tester who did most of his running off-road said “there's a distinctly robust and supportive feel to them and although I’ve only done around 500 miles in them, there appears to be no undue wear. They feel supportive and adequately cushioned and they’re certainly worth a look at. I already have a pair of trail shoes and these are great for running on wet grass and mud but are not designed for use on tarmac with no cushioning properties. I recently competed in a 10km multi-terrain race where the first 3km was on tarmac and the final 2km was back onto the tarmac and although they came into their own on a slippery and muddy 5km section my legs were sore for almost a week afterwards due to the pounding they took on the unforgiving surface. With the PT-1000’s I can run to my usual training venue on tarmac instead of having to drive there to start my run”.

The shoe has the advantage of coming in two models: the Structured Cushioning (SC) shoe is supportive and long lasting with an excellent level of cushioning and is well suited for runners with an average running gait and mild to moderate stability needs. The Neutral Cushioning (NC) model gives maximum shock absorption in an extremely durable and flexible package and is designed for the neutrally efficient runner who doesn’t require extra stability.

The final word went to our tester “I was definitely sceptical about the claims that the Army test them – it conjured up images of long hikes with back-packs which is not exactly what athletes are interested in. However, after my three weekly parkland sessions which involves 3km on tarmac to get there and the same back plus the usual slippery sections I was impressed with the performance of the shoe. The deep webbing which runs all of the way around the shoe prevents water seepage and this is a bonus on wet training areas. In reality what you’re getting is two shoes in one, saving you money and for me I was also saving on fuel for my car by cutting out my usual drive to where I train!”