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UK Gear’s training shoes were originally designed in association with the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC). These elite fitness professionals were closely involved in the development and tested our products in some of the most inhospitable conditions on Earth. Only when approved by the Military do we consider our products... Built to survive.

Wanarun.net (France) - PT-1000 Review

>>24 May 2011


Translated into English...


PT-1000 Road & Trail Running Shoe

The latest running shoes that I have been able to test before my injury are the UK Gear PT-1000 which I posted recently on the wanarun.net Facebook page.

The PT-1000 is a model of road and trail running shoe developed with the help of the British Army and I understood why. 

This hybrid shoe is designed for running on road and trail, but it is the latter which I believe is best expressed. Built to last 1,000 miles or about 1600 km's so I'll have to run a lot.

To begin with, in terms of the design, the shoe has been very well created and established for all terrains. Some runners may find the shoe a little heavy as it weighs about 380g for a 10.5 size but in my case, and probably because of my stature, it does not bother me. For testing I tried the structured cushioning model (SC) which offers more cushioning and better stability. But the PT-1000 is also available in a neutral cushioning version (NC) which again offers maximum shock absorption and is made for a rider with less stability needs.


So part for a first test and then I went running on the road. And in spite of their comfort, for my part, I was a little disappointed about this part of the test because the PT-1000 has a good grip but no energy return. My running schedule does not see me run just on the road, so I decided to switch to the trails that would offer several types soil and uneven terrain in the hope that the PT-1000's would show me what they had in their belly!

So I started with new shoes on my first trail. A little apprehensive at first but soon it will all disappear in the first kilometers since the last UK Gear PT-1000 shows me what she has in her stomach and I will not be disappointed on the whole course. A great grip and I realize mounted on the first (and here I am even regretting that the ground is too dry) and then at amortized they absorb shock well both on the trails full of rocks that 'through the ruts because I felt nothing in the feet, or even at the joints and I felt like I have slippers. 

My feet have always been well maintained and stabilized especially around the ankle area, They really came into their own during some technical downhills (where I had to be very careful) compared to when I was running on the roads with all the ruts.

The shoe does not disappoint me and I understand better why this model has been created, and with the British Army. It is an all-terrain shoe with a very good grip and excellent cushioning. 

Now one thing I expect is that the rain arrives to go play with on a muddy field because I know I would not be disappointed, because it is a shoe that is made for all field and it requires only to speak and I'll try to test the model (NC) to see the difference between the two.

source: www.wanarun.net