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UK Gear’s training shoes were originally designed in association with the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC). These elite fitness professionals were closely involved in the development and tested our products in some of the most inhospitable conditions on Earth. Only when approved by the Military do we consider our products... Built to survive.

PT-03 / GT-02 - Combat and Survival Magazine : New British Army Sports Shoe

>>01 January 2007

Following the success of UK Gear's PT-03 specialist running shoe, the company has now launched the GT-02, which is the first multi-sports shoe to be designed and developed in association with the Army Physical Training Corps (APTC). Developed for the serious sports and fitness enthusiast, and now available to the general public, the GT-02 is an all-purpose training shoe enabling the wearer to multi-sport with confidence. It is suitable for a wide range of sporting activities such as gym workouts, circuit training, indoor football, squash and tennis, basketball, netball.

UK Gear hit the headlines in 2004, when it launched the PT-03 SC, the worlds first commercial product to be developed in association with the British Army and to earn the right to bear their famous crossed swords insignia.

Comfort, cushioning, stability and durability are provided by unique features on both the sole and the upper shoe. David Hinde, Managing Director ok UK Gear said "All too often in this industry, the term "cross trainer" is used to describe shoes that are made up from a modified running shoe. Wearing the right training shoe can make or break a workout and it is important to recognise the difference between a running shoe and a multi-sports shoe. We refer to the GT-02 as a multi-sports indoor shoe to spell out the difference. Every aspect of the GT-02 has been specifically designed for multi-directional movement - it is truely fit for purpose"

The GT-02, having been developed by the APTC, bears the British Army's crossed swords insignia. Lieutenant Colnel Ian Horn MBE, head of the APTC said "We took this project very seriously because it meets our needs and is one that the British Army is pleased to be associated with. GT-02 shoes are now being distributed to all APTC instuctors, a total of more than 450, around the world. The GT-02 has been trialled across the whole of the British Armed Services - Amry, Navy, Marines & Air force and has now been adopted as an official shoe for the whole British MOD as well as NATO"

The new shoe is available in white/grey/red for men and white'grey for women, although the difference are purley cosmetic. Pricesd at £64.99, the GT-02 can be bought online by visiting www.ukgear.com or by calling 0870 403 1400. The shoe is also available to buy in some of the UK's top specialist running stires and major sports shoe retailers including the Sweatshop.

Combat & Survival were given a pair of the new shoes to trial out just before the official launch in Septmeber, and gave them to our regular model Kat for long term test. As Kat is a serious athlete amd runner, she is the best person on the C&S learn to trial them out. The photo of her at fulls peed was taken on a training run in southern Spain just days after receiving her sample pair. Her initial opinion was very favourable, but we will hear more from Kat after they have been used for a variety of sports and gym work over a longer period.