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UK Gear’s training shoes were originally designed in association with the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC). These elite fitness professionals were closely involved in the development and tested our products in some of the most inhospitable conditions on Earth. Only when approved by the Military do we consider our products... Built to survive.

JoggingBuddy - PT-1000 review

>>26 November 2010


UK GEAR PT1000 - "Not for the gym"

A pair of running shoes designed to last 1000 miles before you need to change them! - I always thought they all were, but i guess not.  Having researched around the subject it now seems that as runners we are encouraged to change our running shoes every 300 - 400 miles? ( depending on who you listen to)  I tended to only change them when the smell could no longer be washed out.

So here is a pair of running shoes that actively advertises durability!.  The PT-1000 comes with some great credentials. UK Gear developed the running shoe with the involvement of the British Army School of Physical Training.  It took 8 years and involved over 40 of the Army Physical Training Instructors (PTI's) running thousands of miles in the final prototypes.

Now most of us aren't hardened PTIs. so what did 4 of our members think of the shoes?

Tony, 36 years old, Billingshurst, UK

Average Runner -  likes road running and trail running 

"The PT-1000 is a solid shoe! - which might sound like an odd statement, but  there is a very distinct feeling of security when you put them on. As a road runner who loves the flexibility of setting out running on a road and then opt to take the path less travelled.  I can see why the Army likes this running shoe, they are solid, have a great tread and lets face it, they look great too!.  The PT-1000 is a bit like the rally car.. it doesn't like plodding along on tarmac.. it loves a bit of off road adventure and the occasional puddle to jump in."

Natalie, 29 years old, Sommerset, UK

Long distance runner - prefers long steady runs, mainly on roads

" I am rather tempted to make a simple statement "not for girls" -  its not quite accurate, however, i do feel the shoe lacks a little finesse for me. Its only right, its a tough shoe, hard wearing and does the job. At the risk of being a typical female and putting aesthetics  first, they may be good, but didn't tick that box.  On the practical side, the trainer was very comfortable and in fact I recall even completely forgetting about the shoes for a fair proportion of my run.. surely a good sign?"

Farnon, 44 years old, Cambridge, UK

Hard Man! - trail runner & endurance athlete.

"Don't make the same mistake i made, i wore the PT-1000 to the gym, not because they don't look good, but quite simply, they just don't belong in the gym.  The Trails on the other hand, well now that is a different story!  The PT-1000 is in its element. I do quite a lot of running outdoors and quite frankly, these are  great for the job.  I couldnt quite decide if there was sufficient tread for the more serious trail runner, Cambridge lacks the necessary hills to fully test them in this way.  The only disappointment with these shoes is that they didn't make me go faster just by virtue of wearing them!.. great shoe."

Eewei, 35 years old, London, UK

Plodder - 3 to 5 miles every day.

"uuhmm..for me this is a very standard pair of running shoes.  They are comfortable enough, the grip is good.  I used these solidly for 3 weeks, i guess I could really take them or leave them really. Not enough to really differentiate them from other running shoes that I have used in the past..apart from the fact they last 1000 miles."