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Foroatletismo (Spain) - PT-1000 Review

>>20 April 2011

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Translated into English...

UK Gear PT-1000

A question that we often ask our test runners is: "How many miles do you run before you have to change your running shoes?" The truth is that it is a difficult question to answer, because it depends on the type of use, the weight of the runner or the ground on which they have run. However, we do not usually recommend using shoes if you already have more than 1000 - 1200 miles on them. The brand, UK Gear, has decided to give a firm response to this question by launching the UK Gear PT-1000 and announcing them as the "shoes that last 1000 miles".

The problem of trying to sell a shoe for its 1000 mile durability is that you do not know if it is really true until a number of  people have confirmed that they have survived the 1000 mile distance. Here in Foroatletismo, we have not run the 1600 kilometres - that we promised, as it would take many many months to test. But as well as the British Army, there are test runners in the UK that have used this footwear for that distance and forums seem to be happy with their durability.

UK Gear's PT-1000 is a pure training shoe, so I would wear them for a run of at least 30 kilometers. The weight of the shoe is 350 grams and and has excellent grip on the ground.  Although when we started to use them on tarmac, they become very slow. It seems that they are an ideal shoe to be used when running on trails or in the mountains compared to running on roads or on tarmac.

The cushioning of the PT-1000 is moderate and very stable when running on unstable terrain, it's also the feeling that they give you when you first put them on. The problem of the shoe is that it is very stiff in the transition and that is something UK Gear should get improve for the next version of the shoe. The back of the foot is very dependent on the forefoot and this means that during the first 40 minutes of running you start to feel a slight rubbing on the outside, as if the shoe is missing amplitude.

The most impressive part of the UK Gear PT-1000 is the sole, because at first glance it seems to be more complex than other running shoes we are accustomed to seeing. If what you want to achieve with a shoe is high quality durability, the sole construction must be paid a lot of attention and UKGear obviously did this. To limit excessive weight of the shoe, they have included carbon to strengthen it and avoid the abrasion which other shoe soles suffer with the passage of the miles.

The shoe can be used with orthotics and there is no problem with the width as can happen with other neutral models. In addition, if you're pronator and do not use orthotics the model is available for both footprints: neutral and support.

In short, a shoe for long training runs in the mountains but not for races or interval training. The shoe is better for heavier runners who will get more out of the shoe and I would not recommend it for those weighing less than 70 kg. UK Gear says it lasts and it seems that this is really the case and it is also good value. (129 euros).

You can buy in the online store of UK Gear.
Weight of shoes: 350 grams
PVP: 129€
Review by: Salva Portillo

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Rating: 10.0/10



Paul Bateson (19-abr-2011 | 16:45)

I live in Andalucia, my Spanish isn’t too good so I hope you can understand my English.
I use UKGear shoes and have raced in them and covered over 1750km in them. I weigh 63kg and I don’t find the shoe heavy or too stiff once you have a few kilometres on them. They are perfect for hot, dry trails (not technical mountain races) and I recommend them for races such as my Al Andalus Ultra Trail and UltimaFrontera160.
I will be using the 1000NC for the Ronda 101.
Team Axarsport s.l.